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AIM Independent Music Awards 2020

AIM Independent Music Awards

In this case study you will discover why EVOKE Studios chose the disguise xR workflow, powered by the disguise gx 2c media server, to deliver the first virtual ceremony for the AIM Independent Music Awards. Produced at Creative Technology’s Deep Space Studio in Crawley, England and broadcast live on August 12 via SBTV’s YouTube channel, on its 10th anniversary the AIM Awards became the first awards show in the UK shot in xR.

4 days


2 days


1 day

rehearsal and live broadcast


livestream viewers


The challenge

The main challenges encountered were mostly technical - moiré patterns, clean set extensions, colour accuracy between the front and backplate and delays, which needed to be set right to glue the scene together.

Other challenges included accurately blending the performers into the virtual scene and getting the right shots in while recording performances in a single take. "We wanted to retain the live quality of the performances which meant we couldn't fix anything in post.” 



The solution

In order to meet the need for perfectly calibrated front and backplates, set extensions and workflows for the awards, EVOKE chose a disguise solution. “disguise has the most user-friendly xR workflows that combines the different plates and desired set extensions in one integrated package. No other system does that right out of the box,” says Vincent Steenhoek of EVOKE Studios.

xR speaks to people. Everyone who walks into the space and sees themselves in the environment is immediately captured by it. And to hear vision directors and camera people say they can't tell what's real or not, is really an achievement.
Vincent Steenhoek, Managing Director, EVOKE Studios



Artistic Direction & Volumetric Design

Vincent Steenhoek

Creative Director

Chema Menendez

xR Producer

Urs Nyffenegger

xR Design Artists

Alex Tetsch, Ted Pallas, Ulli Thiemann and Hugo Zarate

Motion Graphics Artist

Daniel Fernandez

Content Design

TAWBOX, DesignScene

Real-time Content Rendering

Notch VFX

Camera Tracking

Mo-sys StarTracker


Creative Technology Deep Space


EVOKE Studios

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