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disguise launches new online learning management system

disguise launches new online learning management system

We’re making our full complement of seven training courses free to access online for anyone interested in learning, or upskilling, in all disguise workflows.

The new online learning management system facilitates remote and flexible learning in a more ‘blended learning’ training approach.

The completely redesigned training programme splits each course up into two parts. Section one is taught over the internet using the new online learning management system while the more practical second section takes place in-person, allowing students to test their knowledge on specialist disguise equipment.

Aware that everyone’s learning journey can be different, we also offer the option to sit entire courses in a classroom setting. This new approach lets our users learn concepts at their own pace and recap material easily after having completed the courses.

Register on the learning management system for free

“The purpose of having a learning management system is to have a central location where our customers can manage their learning journey through disguise,” said disguise Global Head of Training, Chris West. “It provides a pathway for people to find the right courses to suit their needs and allows us to deliver training directly to anyone across the globe.”

Extended reality and further learning

The system also incorporates an extended reality training pathway. On this course, students will learn how to set up an xR project inside disguise; from initial stages to final steps of xR calibration and integration with generative content engines. Those looking to train in xR will be able to unlock the expert-level xR workflows course once they have taken a series of fundamental and advanced courses.

On top of the xR offering, the platform will include all other significant disguise training pathways; Fundamental Training, Pre-production Workflows, Systems Integration, Creative Sequencing, DMX Workflows and OmniCal.

Since its soft launch in September this year, over 1,000 registered users are already using the online learning management system to manage their chosen training pathways.

Watch an introduction to our new learning management system below.


As we continue to support our community of users following the suspension of live events, we’re making our marketing-leading Designer software licence free until June 2021. Initially set to expire in October this year, this improved offer allows users to further their development while encouraging new starters to experience the software.

“As we expand our message into new markets, there are many people who are now just hearing about disguise,” US Training Manager, Vickie Claiborne, explains. “With many of our customers currently experiencing reduced work opportunities, offering free licences helps people continue learning, while also building a stronger bond with our community.”

Claim your free Designer licence here

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