disguise drive

Collate all your project content in one place.

The first end-to-end cloud solution for media production, disguise drive sits at the heart of your project and connects your team through a simplified workflow that handles multiple file types.

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A better way to send money.


Built for forward looking content teams.


Easily and securely share content with project stakeholders.


Preview and easily share the most common formats for 3D content.


Automatic file organisation grouped by type, recently added or custom parameters set by you.


Store and preview all of your project content.


Built-in passphrase protection, expiration links and watermarking.

What our customers are saying

”What disguise is building in Cloud is brilliant because it’s all about iterations. Being able to support 3D files is a massive differentiating factor.”

Troy Fujimura
Head of Design and Technology at Centerstage

“I'm excited about disguise Cloud, the greatest value is the ability to work on productions with remote teams, I’m easily able to share and view a wide variety of media files which makes collaboration second nature.”

Dickon Knowles
Motion Director at dandelion + burdock


per user /month

For creative professionals looking to showcase their work with clients.

  • 10% off annual subscription

  • 3 Drives

  • 300GB Storage

  • Up to 10 Users

  • Advanced Permissions


per user /month

For comprehensive collaboration, advanced team management and increased storage.

  • 10% off annual subscription

  • 10 Drives

  • 1TB Storage

  • Up to 25 Users

  • Billing User


Call for details

Custom packages designed for the needs of your company.

  • Unlimited Drives

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Multi-team Management

  • Activity Logs

Questions? We have answers

What is disguise Cloud?
disguise Cloud is an end-to-end platform sitting at the heart of your project and connects your team through a simplified workflow. It is a new way to store, preview and review media, that is custom designed for the way modern production teams work. Working with an array of different file formats, workflow documents and project files including 3D file support, disguise Cloud allows you to collaborate with teams all around the world.
Is disguise Cloud free?
disguise Cloud is completely free to get started! The free Starter plan includes 10GB storage, three users and one Drive to work in. If your needs change, you can upgrade your plan.
What is disguise drive?
Sitting at the heart of your project, disguise Drive uses Smart folders to help you collate and organise all your project files into one place, allowing easy sharing of files with project stakeholders.
Does disguise Cloud integrate with Designer?
It’s on our roadmap to develop integrations with Designer so that we can offer convenience and streamline the process between applications.
What type of files does disguise Cloud support
We support a range of images, videos, audio and 3D files. A full list of formats can be obtained through the user guide.
How can I make sure that my files are shared securely?
You can set your own rules and permissions on who has access to view, comment and edit any file shared.

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