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In conversation with Grigory Mindlin, disguise’s new General Manager of Broadcast

In conversation with Grigory Mindlin, disguise’s new General Manager of Broadcast

The latest launch of Porta and px from disguise company Polygon Labs is allowing broadcasters and production companies to easily control Unreal Engine graphics from anywhere without needing a developer or specialist operator.

We sat down with Grigory Mindlin, who joined disguise as CEO of Polygon Labs and recently became our new General Manager of Broadcast. Together we discussed his mission to make it as easy as possible for broadcasters to use Unreal Engine graphics and real-time technologies in their productions.


Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to become disguise’s General Manager of Broadcast.

I have around 20 years of experience in the broadcast and media industry. I have mainly worked with software companies in various roles focused on product innovation, tech leadership and services. In 2014, I co-founded Polygon Labs alongside Miguel Yabrudes to focus on creating innovative visualisation for broadcasters. Earlier this year we joined disguise via their acquisition of Polygon Labs. By combining disguise’s xR solution together with Polygon’s suite of visualisation tools, we will enable xR studios to have access to a wider range of broadcast workflows which empower remote production and cloud-based collaboration.

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What do you like most about the broadcast industry?

The broadcast industry is quite unique in that huge companies take big bets on small innovative startups to deliver software on an enterprise level. I have not seen that in many other industries. The level of trust that’s established when working on a project or deployment is really inspiring.


What is your mission as disguise’s General Manager of Broadcast?

I want to help broadcasters achieve the next level of quality broadcast graphics using Unreal Engine and disguise tools.


How does Polygon Labs’ suite of solutions enhance disguise’s offering?

Polygon’s solutions enable disguise to have an end-to-end cloud-based offering for broadcast production and workflows. We can now cover workflows for AR, xR, Insert Graphics and even master control. All are controlled from any browser and are data enabled.


How will these offerings change how broadcasters and production companies operate?

Broadcasters will now be able to decouple hardware and software, and execute their programmes from anywhere at a cost-effective rate via our subscription model.


What challenges do px and Porta solve?

Broadcasters don’t have the controls they need to manage Unreal Engine graphics with dynamic content in an easy and efficient way. This means they often end up turning to developers or specialists when they want to use Unreal Engine graphics in their productions. This is a major barrier for broadcasters taking advantage of all the benefits that these real-time graphics can provide.

With our new Porta and px solutions, no plugins or blueprints are required. This single workflow can be used for any type of graphic and control any Unreal Engine (in vanilla form) in any production environment.

Broadcasters will now have a familiar interface to drive Unreal Engine graphics, using templates, rundowns, and a preview window.

In the long term, this will enable more collaboration, remote production as well as moving graphics rendering to the cloud.

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How do you see broadcasters using these tools?

With Porta, we see broadcasters starting to use Unreal Engine in all aspects of graphic generation, whether it’s a ticker, AR graphic or a high-fidelity immersive environment, it can be designed and controlled using the same workflow.


How do you see broadcast graphics changing in the future?

I see all graphics rendered in the cloud and on demand. With the increasing use of AR graphics and more broadcast platforms emerging, they will also be customised for each viewer based on the viewer's preference.


What’s next for broadcast at disguise?

disguise will become the industry standard solution for broadcasters wanting to use exciting graphics and data visualisations in their productions. We have already seen major broadcasters like Eurosport, iTV and BeIN Sports use disguise, as well as major broadcast shows like the Olympics and the VMAs. We are continuing to work very closely with the biggest broadcasters and partners to improve our tools and deliver the most stunning visual results.


What was the best piece of career advice you ever received?

Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness. I love this advice as it empowers you to be fearless, a value that is very much embodied at disguise.

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