'Disconnected' Game Show

In this case study you will discover how disguise has teamed up with Certified Solutions Provider White Light to deliver a virtual trivia quiz show in xR for British Youtuber Tom Scott, reaching an online audience of over 3 million.


episodes filmed

+3 million


0.5 days

shooting on site

3 weeks

to master the technology


The challenge

Historically, quiz shows rely on face-to-face interaction. But in the current social distanced climate, Tom needed to find a way to bring his contestants together from different corners of the world without physically requiring them to be in the same space.

He also needed to create an environment for his show that is engaging and responsive to real-time game updates.



The solution

Using disguise xR, the team could expand the virtual environment beyond the physical bounds of the SmartStage and make it react to live game updates to capture the audience attention.

disguise xR and White Light’s SmartStage gave Tom and his team the ability to arrive on-site, load up the latest version of their content and immediately start shooting with the White Light team handling the technical production.

One of the main advantages of working in xR is how instantly familiar the environment becomes; minimal on-site inductions/rehearsals were required helping to keep studio time to a minimum. It’s so much easier than working in a green screen environment because the content is there to see and interact with.
Andy Hook, Technical Solutions Director, White Light



Show Creator and Host:

Tom Scott

Question Producer:

David Bodycombe

Set Designer:

Mat Hill


Labyrinth Games / Pad 26

White Light Consultants:

Andy Hook, Harry Greenfield, Alex Loftie

White Light Technical Crew:

Fraser Carr-Gomm, Sirus Fernandes, Joseph Lock

Lead Camera:

Luis Quiterio


Benjamin Squires


Michelle Martin


White Light

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