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disguise’s new accelerator program teaches virtual production in a real-life film environment

disguise’s new accelerator program teaches virtual production in a real-life film environment

We are launching our Virtual Production Accelerator Program in partnership with ROE Visual, a comprehensive on-set learning program for all skill levels.

Held in partnership with ROE Visual at their brand new LED volume in Los Angeles, the Accelerator Program combines traditional classroom training with real-world principal photography, giving the trainees an accurate simulation of on-set demands. disguise’s Virtual Production Accelerator Program is suitable for both students and industry professionals, helping them ramp up their skills in volume control operations, virtual art department integration and practical shoot elements. 

“Virtual production is revolutionary, but it’s still an emerging storytelling tool. It’s a challenge to find professionals that are experienced in VP at the moment,” says Addy Ghani, Vice President of Virtual Production at disguise, who pilots the program. “We’re confident that, with our deep understanding of the technology, as well as the requirements for studio workflows, we can empower the next generation of filmmakers.” 

Thanks to its real-world production facilities at ROE US’s headquarters, the Accelerator Program offers unique learning opportunities that are not accessible by most. By the end of the program, trainees will be well-equipped to render cinematic content at scale, allowing filmmakers to have complete creative freedom and control. The program’s training takes place at ROE US’s headquarters with a virtual production stage built to the same specifications that are commonly used in high-end productions.

The facility, built in partnership with ROE Visual, embodies both disguise and ROE Visual’s commitment to empowering the next generation of virtual production professionals. 

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“As leaders in the industry, we’re vigilant in our search for innovative new ways to help train and educate those curious about virtual production. While the technology is constantly in flux, we’re confident that test facilities like our stage and comprehensive programs like disguise’s will help solve many of the disparities we see in the virtual production space presently. Due to the interconnectivity of the greater virtual production space, supporting programs that sharpen the skillset of those on set is a win for us all and we are pleased to be launching this initiative with our partners and fellow VP innovators at disguise,” says Frank Montero, Managing Director at ROE Visual US. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ROE Visual, a company that we know has vast experience with and commitment to learning and development in the industry. Whether they’re taking their first steps in film or have decades of experience, graduates from our training program will be among the most skilled disguise operators in the world, allowing them to easily transition to working on any virtual production stage,” says Ghani. 

The course is taught in three, distinct phases. First, the disguise Learn Phase enables students to access courses online to learn real-time fundamentals in Unreal Engine. Next is the Classroom Phase where trainees can attend formal hands-on training for more advanced concepts with an instructor. Finally, there is the Accelerator Phase. Taught over four days, this phase will immerse the trainees into a pre-planned film shoot, giving participants the opportunity to experience multiple roles on set, including disguise operations, game engine integration, practical lighting and cinematography. 

disguise’s Accelerator Program takes the trainees on the production journey from pre-production all the way to post as they plan, shoot and produce a short film. 

“Today, there are a multitude of incredible virtual production courses available, yet we know that trainees still encounter a steep learning curve when they start applying their knowledge while working on real productions. This course is here to bridge the gap between classroom and production. With this, we can tackle the skills gap and usher in the future generation of filmmakers who are experts in virtual production workflows. I am delighted to be able to launch this initiative with our partners at ROE Visual,” says disguise CEO Fernando Küfer. 

Once trainees complete the course, each will be equipped with a well-rounded knowledge of virtual production. All trainees will join disguise’s Virtual Production Insider Group, as well as receive their Accelerator certification. Individual help from disguise’s VP specialists is also available on-demand – so every attendee is supported for future industry apprenticeships. 


Sign Up for the Program

If you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn virtual production on a real-world stage, sign up for our Virtual Production Accelerator Program today. 

The course will kick off in October with the in-person Accelerator Phase taking place at ROE Visual, 9232 Eton Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA.

Learn more and sign up for the program here

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