Fabric is a preconfigured network switch that was built to connect your vx and rx servers at the highest bandwidth so that each frame is delivered accurately.


Preconfigured for setup in minutes

Fabric is preconfigured so you can connect it with your rx range and vx servers in minutes - without the need for network engineering knowledge.

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Fabric Pre Configured For Set Up Disguise
Fabric Scalable Disguise

Scalable to any size of production

Connect your rx range and vx servers via 64 ports, and add additional fabric switches as your production grows.

Reliable performance

Built for powerful and robust performance, fabric streams 4k content without latency or dropped frames. The built in software is optimised to run RenderStream reliably.

Fabric Reliable Performance Disguise
ALT Fabric 2H Support Disguise

24/7 global support

We’re here to support. With a three year warranty for your fabric switch, you can access 24 hour global support for any questions or issues with your product.

Powered by RenderStream

RenderStream runs powerfully through the fabric switch to connect the vx and rx range. By passing on parameters and tracking data, automatic latency management allows for pixel perfect delivery.

Renderstream Main HW SW IS

Cluster Rendering

Deliver high fidelity graphics safely by distributing rendering power across multiple render nodes.

Seamless synchronisation

Synchronise your physical stage with your virtual set via hardware, software, content engine and camera tracking

Unreal workflows

Immediately impact your productivity with dynamic control of the engine and automatic workflows on Unreal Engine, Notch and others.

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Complete the form to learn more about fabric and how it works with your other disguise hardware. You will receive our latest software and hardware developments, insights and case studies on how our community are using this new technology to advance their production workflow.

Pre-configured ports

16 configurable 100G ports, capable of up to 64x 25G links

High bandwidth networking

Stream content at 4k over high bandwidth networking

IP video ready

fabric supports IP video

Configuration software

Access to software and software updates, ready to connect with RenderStream

Fully bundled

Small or medium bundles include cables, SFPs and rackmount

Technical specifications

Hardware Specifications Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Typical Power: 94.3W
(Typical power with passive cables)
Max power with optical cables: 248.6W
(Assuming 3.5W per each QSFP28 port)
Operating System Mellanox Onyx
Mounting System 1U 19” rackmount
Environmental Tolerances Temperature: 0-40°C (32°-104°F)
Humidity: 10%-85% (non-condensing)
Altitude: 0-10,000 ft (0-3050m)
Throughput 3.2Tb/s
Speed 1/10/25/40/50/100GbE per port
System Connectivity - I/O Connector Cage 16x QSFP28
Supported Modules and Cables - QSFP28, SFP28 short and long range optics
- QSFP28 to QSFP28 DAC cable
- QSFP breakout cables 100GbE to 4x 25GbE DAC, optical
Bundled Accessories Standard Bundle Rack Mount Kit
Quick Start Guide
2x IEC C13 to C14 Power Cables
Mellanox 3-year support
Small Bundle Connect up to 8 rx nodes to 2x vx 1, vx 2 or vx 4

Standard Bundle +
10x 25GbE Optical Transceiver
3x 100GbE Optical Transceiver
3x MTP to Quad LC OM4 break-out fibre cable (5m)
Medium Bundle Connect up to 16 rx nodes to 4x vx 1, vx 2 or vx 4

Standard Bundle +
20x 25GbE Optical Transceiver
5x 100GbE Optical Transceiver
5x MTP to Quad LC OM4 break-out fibre cable (5m)
Small Bundle 100G Connect up to 8 rx nodes to 2x vx 4+ or vx 4 with the 100GbE network upgrade

Standard Bundle +
8x 25GbE Optical Transceiver
6x 100GbE Optical Transceiver
2x MTP to Quad LC OM4 break-out fibre cable (5m)
2x MTP to MTP OM4 fibre cable (5m)
Medium Bundle 100G Connect up to 16 rx nodes to 4x vx 4+ or vx 4 with the 100GbE network upgrade

Standard Bundle +
16x 25GbE Optical Transceiver
12x 100GbE Optical Transceiver
4x MTP to Quad LC OM4 break-out fibre cable (5m)
4x MTP to MTP OM4 fibre cable (5m)
fabric specification sheet
fabric specification sheet Download – 453kb