Porta & px


Discover our cloud-native control system for broadcast graphics.

Porta & px

The ultimate production controller

Enhance your broadcast storytelling with Porta! This next-generation solution from Polygon Labs by disguise powers a single workflow for data-driven graphics in Unreal Engine that are easy to access, control and play. 

Porta works with any type of playlist mode, enabling multiple rundowns and a preview mode so you can seamlessly manage your production from anywhere without needing a specialist operator.

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End-to-end broadcast workflow

Benefit from an easy-to-manage, end-to-end broadcast workflow that incorporates data-driven Unreal Engine graphics. Porta delivers the same workflow for all gfx needs and shows and allows you to manage multiple engines and operators from one point of control.

An integrated solution

Porta can sit across all your broadcast tiered productions and seamlessly integrates with newsroom systems. Use a simple interface that is Unreal Engine native and easy to operate, removing the need for specialist operators.

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Cloud-based collaboration

Our cloud-native solution allows multiple operators to control graphics from anywhere using any browser while also being adaptable for use locally.


Seamlessly manage data-driven graphics with Ipsum, a unified cloud-based data feed aggregation tool that offers easy management of data streams.

The application is integrated with native Unreal Engine and Viz​ engines and enables real-time data distribution to render outputs​.

Ipsum is ideal for any data-driven graphics, including master control, weather, info-bars, sports, elections, finance, and more.

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Powered by px

Engineered to power Unreal Engine vanilla graphics, the px is our high-performance render hardware that works seamlessly with Porta, and provides you with the assurance of best-in-class support and maintenance from disguise. 

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High-performance render

px is a high-performance machine, customised for UE vanilla graphics, that can be used for any graphics application in a broadcaster's production facility. 

Workflow enablement

The best solution for configuration and hardware setup, ensuring the best performance possible. The px is ideal for graphics and video components, including AR, CG graphics, green screen virtual sets, MCR graphics and more.

Best-in-class support

Easily connect your Porta and px system into disguise’s Emmy-Award-winning augmented and extended reality solution and benefit from our industry recognised support services.

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