Render Stream

RenderStream is the infrastructure that connects your physical stage with your virtual set.


Synchronize your systems

Connect your physical stage with your virtual set through the RenderStream infrastructure. Integrate the disguise hardware, software, content engines and camera tracking seamlessly.

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Hardware Ecosystem Vx4 Rx II Fabric

Scale your production safely

RenderStream lets you scale your production safely by distributing rendering power across multiple render nodes, known as cluster rendering. Cluster rendering ensures graphics are processed with maximum performance making your content output as detailed and high quality as can be.

Maximize your productivity

Immediately impact your productivity by automating workflows between Designer and Unreal Engine or Notch. Get creative with innovative features, such as  live streaming video directly into Unreal Engine.

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Cluster Rendering

Safely scales the rendering power of your show by distributing rendering power automatically.

Dynamic control

Control Unreal Engine, Notch, and other engines through remote parameter control.

Advanced Workflows

Bring video input or timeline content into the virtual scene and move objects with 3d transform.

Limitless scaling

Because RenderStream decouples rendering power from output, both can be scaled safely.


Tracking data and parameters are sent between disguise Designer and the engine.

Latency management

Frames are synced automatically, meaning that latency in your production is minimised.

Enquire about RenderStream

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Overall synchronization

disguise ecosystem

RenderStream is at the core of the disguise ecosystem and integrates all systems seamlessly. It reaches beyond the hardware and software by bringing in tracking data and parameters to automatically manage latency and allow for perfect alignment across your production.

Hardware Ecosystem Vx4 Rx II Fabric
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Render node

rx range

RenderStream allocates processing power across the rx range, enabling cluster rendering. This ensures that all render nodes are used to their maximum performance and leads to detailed content output at the highest quality.

Content engine

Unreal, Notch & others

RenderStream enables dynamic control of the content engine through remote parameter control. This allows live input straight from the Designer timeline into the content engine - useful for bringing in live video, images or presentations.

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Sequencing software


RenderStream powers Designer with parameters from the content engine. Once they are exposed from Unreal or Notch, your project can be controlled straight from the timeline of the Designer software. This allows you to make changes on the fly and work quickly when needed.

Video output

vx range

The vx range is a powerful content playback and compositing servers. At the core of the disguise ecosystem, the vx media servers receive content with tracking data via RenderStream and output scenes onto the stage with pixel perfection. 

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Network switch


Fabric is a preconfigured network switch that was built to connect servers at the highest bandwidth possible so that each frame is delivered accurately. RenderStream runs powerfully through the fabric switch to connect the vx and rx range.

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