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We’re proud to be part of a worldwide family of talented artists and technologists, who come together to create some of the most spectacular shows around.

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virtual production

Welcome to the New Era of Film

Enhance your filmmaking process by virtualising on-set location filming and building sets where the talent is. Add faster and more iterative previs and techvis to your existing workflow and leverage the power of real time engine.

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Broadcast reimagined with xR

Create immersive productions and engage your audience like never before.

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fixed installations

Stunning on-site visual experiences

Project striking, other-worldly experiences for any installation in real-world environments.

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live events

Injecting new life into live events

Whether it’s a creative festival or a branded launch, host memorable events that mesmerise.

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​Changing the game for tournaments

Place your broadcasters and players within the action of the game and replay the biggest moments.

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Transforming the traditional show

Innovate your theatre production and let your creativity take centre stage.

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concert touring 

Taking live music events to new heights

Engage fans with unforgettable live experiences that push technical boundaries.

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