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disguise xR technology orchestrates LED, real-time content and camera tracking to power production environments.

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Join the virtual production revolution with disguise xR

The future of

Capture your audience's imagination by blending virtual and physical worlds to immerse them within your narrative.

Limitless possibilities
for content

Go beyond green screen to capture real lighting, reflections and shadows. Film multiple locations in camera from a single stage, to unlock your creative vision.


Trusted by the world's leading brands and artists

The world's leading xR stages are being powered by disguise xR with our cutting edge partners, who are delivering the world's best content to meet your production needs.


A new era of production

disguise xR delivers inspiring extended reality experiences, merging groundbreaking processes and new technology that gives you the freedom to create.


Create an environment for your talent to physically interact with your content to capture their best performance in camera.


xR technology provides a limitless canvas in your space, to extend your set beyond the physical bounds of your stage.


Create any world from one location

Flexibly create any world from one stage, minimising travel for your talent and crew, to make your budget go further. 


"Having disguise for delivery of this xR content was crucial... there's simply no other solution out there that I would trust with this."
JT Rooney of Silent Partners Studios

disguise is the hub of xR

disguise brings your content to life by connecting the virtual and physical worlds to immerse your audience.

Design your experience without limitations with disguise xR

Render your content seamlessly across a number of display surfaces, independent of position, size and resolution. Use multiple cameras and connect to existing switching infrastructure to automatically match the perspective of whichever camera is live.

Spatial Calibration

disguise quickly and accurately aligns the virtual and physical worlds; bringing together your content, camera tracking system and your LED screen, with pixel perfect precision. Spatial calibration can be done in under 30 minutes - a huge time saving over conventional virtual studio workflows.

Colour Calibration

disguise handles the blending of real and virtual worlds thanks to a colour calibration process, enabling the world to appear as one seamless environment.

Render Engine Synchronization

With disguise you can synchronise multiple render engines from a single timeline. With latency compensation built into the workflow you can ensure minimal latencies to deliver stunning experiences.

Engine Agnostic

Create content in the way that works for you - disguise xR is render engine agnostic, enabling creatives to select their preferred content engine. Notch, Unreal and Unity are all supported engines, allowing you to deliver the best possible visuals for your production.

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