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What is disguise Cloud?
disguise Cloud is an end-to-end platform sitting at the heart of your project and connects your team through a simplified workflow. It is a new way to store, preview and review media, that is custom designed for the way modern production teams work. Working with an array of different file formats, workflow documents and project files including 3D file support, disguise Cloud allows you to collaborate with teams all around the world.
Is disguise Cloud free?
disguise Cloud is completely free to get started! The free Starter plan includes 10GB storage, three users and one Drive to work in. If your needs change, you can upgrade your plan.
What is disguise drive?
Sitting at the heart of your project, disguise Drive uses Smart folders to help you collate and organise all your project files into one place, allowing easy sharing of files with project stakeholders.
Does disguise Cloud integrate with Designer?
It’s on our roadmap to develop integrations with Designer so that we can offer convenience and streamline the process between applications.
What type of files does disguise Cloud support
We support a range of images, videos, audio and 3D files. A full list of formats can be obtained through the user guide.
How can I make sure that my files are shared securely?
You can set your own rules and permissions on who has access to view, comment and edit any file shared.
How do I activate the disguise Cloud licence from Designer?
Login to your disguise Cloud account. Select ‘Your Account’ Select the ‘Licences’ tab Follow the instructions there.
How do I download and install disguise Cloud?
No downloads are required. disguise Cloud runs directly in your web browser.
How can I get a licence for Designer via disguise Cloud?
Designer licences are optional and can be created free of charge through your Cloud Dashboard or directly through d3Manager.
If I use disguise Cloud and share my files with others who don’t have an account, can they easily access my files?
Within disguise Drive, we have a 1-Click share feature to create accessible links for those outside your team.
If I want to upgrade my plan, what are the options and costs?
Paid plans are offered on a per-user basis. Details can be found on the pricing page or in your Cloud Dashboard.
How can I manage my subscription to disguise Cloud?
You can control your plan and associated features directly in your Cloud Dashboard.
Do you have an enterprise licence available?
We would love to hear from you to understand your requirements for an enterprise-level plan. We can tailor custom solutions based on your needs. Please reach out to us to discuss this. Email to discuss your needs.
How can I ensure that enough people in my organisation have access to Cloud?
It’s easy to manage the users of your organisation to fit your needs. Visit your Cloud Dashboard to administer your team.
How can I upgrade and downgrade my Cloud platform?
In the Billing section of your Cloud Dashboard, you can browse the available plans and switch to one that best suits your requirements.
What is the difference between a seat, a plan and a Drive?
A seat is a licence for a user within the disguise Cloud Platform. Your access rights depend on the licence type. A plan is a type of subscription. Different subscriptions offer different feature sets and limitations. A Drive is a place to collect and store content. Feel free to use it however best suits your setup. A Drive could be used for a project, a branch of your company or a location.

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