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In conversation with Jackson Tayler from Pixel Artworks

In conversation with Jackson Tayler from Pixel Artworks

Pixel Artworks previously known as Projection Artworks, is a creative company that specialises in light and pixel technology. Pixel Artworks are a long-standing, trusted Studio Partner, utilising the disguise solution on a multitude of live events over the past 14 years. We sat down with Jackson Tayler, Technical Director to find out more...


Who are Pixel Artworks? 

Pixel Artworks is an award-winning company who specialise in creating shared immersive experiences with light + pixel technology. Using their extensive knowledge in both product and the industry they work alongside an array of clients on projections from 3D mapping, innovative LED systems or large-scale OLED. With offices in London and Dubai, Pixel Artworks support and deliver immersive experience globally.

What was the main drive behind the rebrand? 

The driver behind the rebrand has been the company's evolution, more recently we have expanded our offering and continued to move into new global markets. Previously we were known solely for projection but as the team has grown and the business’ vision has evolved so has our creative offering. We design and deliver creative experiences across a host of mediums, from digital out-of-home to giant airport activations, to choreographed live shows and 360-degree immersive experiences. We’ve not been defined by a particular technology for a long time, so our name needed to catch up with us, and show off the breadth of what we do. 


Fabergé at Harrods London

Fabergé at Harrods London


When did you start working with disguise?

Our first project with disguise was back in 2015 for the Fabergé window display in Harrods. This project was a unique and extraordinary technical achievement that took place over six weeks. Pixel Artworks created a 1.5-metre 3D replica of a Fabergé egg, using 14,500 lumens/sq meter to project onto the model highly detailed content of the Fabergé eggs being sold in store. At the time, it was the first daylight visible window projection display, and the complexities of mapping a curved surface are still seen today. Pixel Artworks used disguise to playback the content through 16 projectors at HD resolution, utilising all outputs to properly show off the giant egg in all its glory. We actually purchased two 4x4pro servers for the project, and this was the beginning of our journey using disguise. Very soon after we used disguise for our world-famous The O2 Rose on the Roof project. 


Rose on the Roof at the O2 for the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Rose on the Roof at the O2 for the 2015 Rugby World Cup


What other projects have you used disguise on? 

The list is pretty countless, we use disguise for any projects which require complex mapping or huge canvases, multiple outputs, client pre-visualisation and much more, a good example would be the Macallan project which showcases the full capacity of disguise. 

During this project disguise was used at every stage of Pixel Artworks’ workflow. The product enabled Pixel Artworks to provide true-to-life fly-through animations, facilitating client content reviews. It also provided the power to run a huge projection mapping and lighting spectacular across multiple canvases, including the challenging undulating grass roof structure and glass façade of the distillery.

We also use disguise to power the projection in our new immersive London showroom. This was a particularly exciting new project for us, enabling us to showcase our sophisticated and intertwined design and delivery process to our clients. The space will offer our clients an insight into how technology and how it can enhance their campaigns, events and installations.



What is the biggest challenge disguise has solved for you? 

Consistency is really the biggest one for us, we can rely on the high-standard and feel confident knowing that if we test on a disguise product here, we can use one on the other side of the world and the output will be the same. The global brand works for us as our projects are anywhere in the world. We also really appreciate the flexibility disguise offers us, our projects are complex with many moving elements, but using this software we have always been able to see all the parts collated.


What has been your favourite project you have worked on with disguise? 

I think it must be our recent work with the International Swimming League competition. This has been an exciting and challenging project. We created a LED and lighting set design which is touring the world with ISL at various venues. Our stage design needed to cater to all the venue requirements, and our content workflow to accommodate a variety of LED pitch and shapes. disguise really enabled us to achieve a seamless set even with these challenges. 


What future projects have you got in the pipeline?

We cannot announce these yet as we haven’t launched them publicly yet, but we are working on one of the largest daylight AV installations and probably the most complex mapping canvas in the world – exciting things to come!


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