Stay up to date with all of the latest additions and improvements to the disguise Cloud Platform.

New Features.

Cloud Login

With the advent of the platform we are also introducing a brand new identity service. The disguise cloud login offers flexible, frictionless authentication to all of the disguise software products.

Designer Licence Management

Now available to all disguise cloud users - the option to generate free designer licences, directly from your cloud account.

Assets & Commenting

Create comments against timestamps when reviewing assets. Helpful when reviewing video assets for faster and more accurate feedback.

Asset Storage & Management

Upload and preview a rich variety of file types, workflow documents and project files.

3D Viewer

disguise drive can store and version 3D files enabling you to share set designs, models and scenes.

Smart Folders

Smart Folders help organise your content automatically. Files are grouped by type, recently added or by custom parameters that you can set.

Optimised for Mobile

Interact with the cloud on whatever device you need - optimised for mobile devices all the way through to the largest screens.

Command Palette

Hit 'Command + K' (Mac) or 'Ctrl + K' (Windows) to activate the disguise command palette. Navigate to the most commonly used features or create new assets directly through the keyboard interface.

Organisation Management

Invite multiple users to your organisation and manage your team members in one place.

Platform Improvements.

  • Added option to switch to Dark Mode. Adjust the colour settings to match your preference or situation. Dark mode is a perfect solution for when you are working onsite.
    Added option to sign in with your Google account for a faster and more seamless authentication experience.


  • Cloud Dashboard now gives users the ability to jump to drive, or designer licence generation.
  • Breadcrumb behaviour tweaked for better context while within deeper folders
  • Fixed a selection issue affecting assets immediately after they’ve been moved between folders